The entertaining stories of Brother Theodor, theatrical absolution, dressing up in medieval clothes, and other fun activities will enhance both corporate banquets, as well as family festivities. For event guests, every moment spent at Jaunpils Castle will be rich with positive emotions and wonderful surprises.

Theatrical and informative tour programmes

Ekskursija muzjā The ancient medieval castle conceals many life stories, secrets and a 710-year succession of historic events, that castle guests can discover through informative excursions led by a tour guide. However, to fully enjoy the medieval ambience, both adults and children are offered tours with theatrical elements and guest involvement. Medieval actors – the Keeper of the Keys and a Monk with his servant girl, and Minezinger – will lead the tours. The Monk and his helpers will compliment a corporate, friend or family gathering wonderfully. Now, more about the tours… Vairāk par ekskursijām...


Mūks Even during the Crusade, Knights were granted indulgence or absolution for certain deeds, and in later years these also began to be sold. One of the rare places, where one can still gain absolution through theatrical play, is Jaunpils Castle. Every sin has a price, and it is up to each individual to decide how to repay it.

Forging a lucky coin

Laimes naudiņas kalšana Each guest to Jaunpils Castle has the opportunity to forge his own coin for luck, adorned with the Reku family crest and the words “Neuenburg 1301”, which stands for the old name of the Castle and the year it was built. It is said that the castle Baron himself carried this forged coin with him at all times, as he believed that it brought well-being and prosperity. Apparently, the scribe noted this and then, while the Baron was out of the castle, he also forged himself one to carry around with him. Coincidence or not, the scribe’s wealth grew from then on.

Medieval costume rental

Viduslaiku tērpi The costume is like a mask that allows you to relax and enjoy the adventure in a medieval atmosphere. Similar to its history, the Jaunpils costumes are fitting with society, yet, here, those who have been aristocrats, can become linen-wearing servants, or vice versa –with velvet costumes! The household of the castle can adorn both adults and children in both the luxurious and simpler costumes.

Medieval meals

Viduslaiku galda klājums The tavern has a long standing reputation for its medieval banquets, which consist of not just a meal, but also a genuine adventure enjoyed amongst friends, family and colleagues in a medieval atmosphere. It is particularly appreciated by both Latvian and foreign groups. The meal is exceptional– it can be eaten with either a wooden spoons or hands.

Everyone has the opportunity to choose the most appropriate menu for their medieval feast: the Baron’s, the Monk’s, Medieval or Medieval children’s, or the Little Monk’s menu. To prepare the meals according to their ancient recipes, the medieval feasts must be ordered at least one day in advance!

Minezinger’s song

Senā dziesminieka sonātes Any birthday celebrator, young couple or special guest will be pleasantly surprised by the beautiful and romantic love songs of the Troubadour, who will serenade them with the exquisite, love-filled sonnets of Dante. It will be an unforgettable experience for everyone!

Cannon firing

Senais pils lielgabals A 17th century Swedish cannon now sits in a place of honour at the entrance to the castle courtyard; once the site of a mobile bridge, which was the only entrance to the castle. Today, the cannon is only fired for joyful reasons - in honour of the palace guests and festivities!

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