At times when warfare takes the Baron of Jaunpils off far and wide, you can stand in the shoes of the Baron and his courtiers by putting on a feast in the halls of the castle and revelling in the unique medieval celebratory atmosphere while enjoying a festive meal and then spending the night in the estate owner and courtier’s apartments.

Several of the castle’s halls are suitable for banquets, birthday celebrations and other events:

  • Lielā zāle ar apaļiem galdiem The Great Castle Hall and Fireplace Hall (288m2)
    banqueting table with seating for up to 150 guests
    self-serve table for up to 250 guests
  • Kroga zāle Both halls of the Tavern (120m2)
    up to 70 people
  • Galdi zaļajā zālē The Green Hall(47 m2)
    up to 50 people
  • Kamīnzāle ar galdiem Fireplace Hall (68m2)(68 m2)
    up to 35 people

For the convenience of the guests, it is possible to lease the entire castle for closed events (including the hotel, excluding the wedding hall).

For the pleasure of the guests’ taste buds, the head chef has prepared a variety of celebratory menus: called the Baron’s, Baroness’s, Eliza’s, the Rich, Country Style and the Festive menu. In addition to these feasts the head chef is able to put together a special festive menu in accordance with any client’s wishes regarding the scale and theme of the event.

Kūkas Cūkas šņukurs Jūras veltes

To enrich the event and create an unforgettable experience for its participants, the household of the castle offers thematic programmes: the Medieval Banquet, Devil’s Servants or the Munchausen Ball.

The Castle specialises in offering feasts with an authentic medieval ambience, which take place by candle light, while enjoying a Baron-worthy feast on clay crockery and listening and dancing to medieval music. To add to the atmosphere, servers are clothed in medieval dress.

Galdi lielajā zālē izkārtoti U veidā Uzvedums Banketa galdi pagalmā

Following the dancing and merriment of the festivities, guests can spend the night in grand medieval style apartments and comfortable double or multi-bed rooms, in which a total of 72 people can be housed.

In the morning, guests are invited to the castle tavern for breakfast or in the courtyard, to eat under the leafy branches of the century-old linden tree.

For more information about offers and rates, request by email: info@jaunpilspils.lv , or phone: 26101458.

Banketa galdi pagalmā Viesu sagaidīšana Skats pagalmā lāpu gaismā


Additional services:
Medieval entertainment
Cannon firing
Rent of medieval costumes
Minezinger’s singing
Acapella group “Vocalica”
Ancient dance group „Calendula”
Florists’ services for decorating the rooms and yard
Decorating the courtyard with candles and torches
Event management
Medieval pub
Hotel, lodgings for the night
Extra offers

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