During the Baron's absence one can not only arrange feasts, but also seminars, conferences and presentations in the Jaunpils hall, fit for both small groups as well as larger organisations. The palace’s abounding medieval atmosphere creates conditions that are perfect for a successful and enjoyable event.

Event organisers have various palatial hall options depending on the necessary scale and event theme:

  • Semināru lielā zāle Jaunpilī The Great Castle Hall ( 220m2)
    theatre style - seating 150 people
    classroom style - seating 100 people
    U-shaped – seating 70 people
    I-shaped - seating 100 people

  • Semināri kamīnzālē Jaunpilī Fireplace Hall ( 40 m2)
    theatre style - seating 40 people
    classroom style - seating 18 people
    U-shaped – seating 26 people
    I-shaped - seating 22 people

  • Semināri zaļajā zālā Jaunpilī Green Room( 47 m2)
    theatre style - seating 50 people
    classroom style - seating 24 people
    U-shaped – seating 30 people
    I-shaped - seating 24 people

Keeping the guest’s taste buds in mind, the castle chef has developed a variety of styles of menus for seminars and conferences. An option is also always available to create a personalised menu consistent with the theme and budget of the event.

According to the requirements of the thematic evening, the set-up of the hall and tables can be in medieval style - candlelit, with linen tablecloths and clay tableware, or contemporary - with classically laid tables.

Banketa galds Semināri banketa galds pils pagalmā Ēdiena gatavošana lielajā katlā uz ugunskura pils pagalmā

For the rest breaks or informal moments of a seminar, the household of the castle offers a choice of entertainment either as a relaxing addition to a seminar programme, or as separate fun activities. Theatrical excursions with medieval actors, the forging of coins for absolution or luck, medieval costume rental, cannon firing and other entertainment will create unforgettable memories for the participants.

Mūks ar lielgabalu Semināri Viduslaiku mielasta galds Kundze viduslaiku torņa kāpņu nišā

For seminars lasting multiple days, medieval-style suites are available for the guests’ convenience, with cosy double and multi-bed rooms, accommodating 49 guests. Hotel rooms are provided at a special discount for seminar organisers.

In the morning, guests are invited to the castle tavern for breakfast or in the courtyard, to eat under the leafy branches of the century-old linden tree.

Banketa galds Viesnīcas telpas Viesnīcas telpas

For more information about offers and rates, request by email: info@jaunpilspils.lv, or phone: 26101458.

Additional services:
Cannon firing
Decorating the courtyard with candles and torches
Florists’ services for decorating the rooms and yard
Rent of medieval costumes
Minezinger’s singing
Acapella group “Vocalica”
Event management
Medieval pub
Hotel, lodgings for the night
Extra offers

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