After the wedding ceremony newlyweds and their guests are invited to stop at Jaunpils castle and experience a truly medieval atmosphere. The Lady of the Castle, Chamberlain and their servants invite to enjoy medieval style wedding and traditions, meanwhile the Lady of Roses and Varlet teach the basics of building the Love castle and keeping the family hearth warm.

Wedding excursion

Laulību ceremonija, kāzas, laulību zāle The newlyweds and guests will be met by the Lady of Roses and Varlet, who will not only teach how to build the base of the Love castle, keep the family hearth warm and create a romantic relationship in the family, but will also tell about the virtues of the ancient sweethearts and knights. In honour of the lovers there will be love spelling, toasts at the wine cellar and the cannon fire!

“Medieval Wedding” / Wedding Trip into Medieval Age

Laulību ceremonija, kāzas, laulību zāle The newlyweds and guests will be met by the Lady of the Castle, Chamberlain and Minezinger, who will join them on a trip through medieval age and reveal medieval traditions.

The Bride will learn the rules of being an ideal wife; meanwhile the Groom will practice his hands and mind in the art of handling the knight’s arms as well as gain the wisdom of ruling his wife. After confessing true love to each other the new weds will give a ceremonial oath and drink the Love drink from the royal cup.

Laulību ceremonija, kāzas, laulību zāle The trip will be accompanied by beautiful love romances performed by Minezinger; the toasts will be made. The guests will be treated with wine from the castle cellars. The grand finale of the trip will be a fire from a real cannon!

“Medieval Wedding” is also suitable for marriage anniversaries.

Other services and entertainment:

  • Indulgence and coinage at the Monk’s cell (30 min)
  • Wedding Waltz in a hall
  • Photo session at the apartments of the Lady and Lord of the Castle
  • Reception with champagne and snacks in a hall, courtyard or near the lake
  • Minezinger’s singing
  • Acapella group “Vocalica” for a special bridal atmosphere
  • Rent of medieval costumes
  • Cannon fire
  • Decoration of the courtyard and rooms with candles and flowers

Official ceremony

Laulību ceremonija, kāzas, laulību zāle For more than 700 years of its existence the romantic medieval castle has witnessed countless love stories, and over the last decades it has become a place where new couples start their life journey together. More..

Wedding party

Laulību ceremonija, kāzas, kāzu piedzīvojums The old castle offers newlyweds and guests a wonderful, romantic and unforgettable wedding party, where everyone can put themselves in the role of a highborn manor or courtier, thus experiencing a special and solemn aura of the medieval castle. Try the dance steps and stay at the luxurious manor’s apartments, it will be an unforgettable celebration! More..

Wedding party
Wedding ceremony

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