The ancient medieval castle conceals many stories, secrets and a 710-year succession of historic events, which will be presented to the visitors by a tour guide and medieval characters.

Informative excursion

(Duration 45 minutes)

During the excursion around the castle, the tour guide will provide an insight into the history, day- to-day affairs and the stories of the most remarkable inhabitants of the knights’ castle.

Hiking or cycling tour to Kartavkalni

(Duration 3 hours)

The program includes not only the medieval castle, but also a tour of the former Jaunpils Manor house and its surroundings. The visitors on tour will make the journey from the new Jaunpils castle to the legend filled location of the old castle – Kartavkalni. The old castle mound has a model of an ancient Latvian settlement and several footpaths. For the visitors’ convenience there is also a picnic place.

Thematic medieval excursions

To experience Jaunpils castle’s medieval atmosphere our little guests and grown ups are offered various excursion programs with theatrical elements, medieval characters and interactive activities.

Little monks

(For children in pre-school to grade 6; duration 1 hour and 30 minutes)

Each child will become a pupil of a real medieval school, and will be dressed up as a little monk. The teachers and parents will come to be other medieval characters. A monk and his servant will teach the little students the secrets of building a castle, the symbolism of architectural details, court manners, lady virtues and wielding knightly armament. Investigative excursions will take place in the courtyard, tower and the wine cellar. The event will conclude with an old cannon salvo in honour of the guests.

An invitation from the Keeper of the Keys

(For adults, and children grades 6-12; duration 1 hour)

While the Baron is away, all the keys of the castle are trusted to the Keeper of the Keys, so she can introduce the visitors to the history of the knights castle, the inner court regalement, the deeds and misdeeds of the barons and other courtiers, as well as medieval methods of upbringing. The visitors will have a unique opportunity to take up medieval arms against an evil spirit in the wine cellar. The event is concluded with an old Swedish cannon salvo.

A Medieval Monk’s Stories

(For adults and secondary school students; duration 1 hour and 30 minutes)

A jolly trip into the Middle Ages for those over 16; it is a great and mischievous adventure together with Theodor the Monk, his Servant girl and a Troubadour and his love songs. During the journey visitors will learn medieval traditions, give a knight’s oath and practice the male and female art of wielding weapons. Minezinger’s romantic Dante sonnets will accompany the journey; in the wine cellar guests will be able to empty their wine goblets in honour of their new knighthood and their sweethearts. The journey will conclude with a cannon salvo in honour of the guests! The monk and his entourage are a great addition to your banquets, seminars and other events.

Night excursion to the castle cellars

(Duration 1 hour)

The excursion will take the visitors to the ancient and mysterious cellars, possibly encountering the friendly castle ghost on the way; guests and the castle household sometimes see him fooling around.

Wedding entertainment

The 710-year-old romantic medieval castle, has witnessed countless love stories and now, for several decades, it has been a place where new families can start their life’s journey together.

Wedding excursion

(Duration 45 minutes)

The Rose Lady and her squire will welcome the Newlyweds and their guests. They will not only give advice to Newlyweds about how to build a love castle, keep warmth in the home hearth and maintain a romantic relationship, but also about the virtues of the knights and their sweethearts. Words of love, a toast at the baron’s Wine cellar and an old cannon salvo – all in honour of the lovers!

“Medieval wedding” / a journey into the Middle Ages

(Duration 45 minutes)

The Lady of the Castle, Chamberlain and the Troubadour welcome the Newlyweds and their guests; they accompany them on a journey into the Middle Ages and introduce them to the traditions and virtues of the time. The bride will learn the vows of an ideal wife, and the groom will practise his mind and his hand at the fine art of handling the knights’ armoury and caring for his wife. After saying “I do” the Newlyweds will say the ancient oaths to each other and taste a Love Drink from the royal castle goblet. The journey will be filled with court toasts; guests will be able to enjoy wine from the castle cellars accompanied by love songs. The journey will conclude with a cannon salvo in honour of the Newlyweds! The “Medieval wedding” is also suitable for wedding anniversaries.

For more information about each offer, prices and possible dates call +371 26101458 or write to: info@jaunpilspils.lv!

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