Medieval pub

Jaunpils pils Krogs Under the velvet ceiling, in one of the oldest parts of the Castle –the Knight’s dining hall, you will find the Jaunpils Castle medieval tavern, where guests can enjoy delicious fare by candlelight with the accompaniment of ancient musical tones.

30 guests can enjoy the atmosphere and food of the medieval tavern’s Fireplace Hall at one time, whilst the tavern’s Great Hall can seat 60. For larger groups of guests, other castle halls are available, where an event can be organised with a capacity of 250 people.

The household of the castle will take care of the delicious and rich dishes thoughtfully created for common occasions, feasts, seminars and other events in the castle, as well as festivities elsewhere.

To fully enjoy the medieval ambience, Jaunpils Castle guests are offered various entertainment options: to dress up in medieval outfits, take a tour of the castle, or spend a night in one of the castle’s bedrooms.

Jaunpils medieval tavern open hours
11:00 – 19:00
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11:00 – 19:00
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11:00 – 20:00

Daily offer

Jaunpils pils Kroga edienkarte Medieval meals are combined with traditional Latvian cuisine in the tavern’s daily menu. The fare includes such dishes as Lentil soup with meat balls, green Swabian cheese dumplings, ox-tongue with wild seafood, grilled chicken knuckles with plums, brook trout with parsley sauce and other tasty dishes.

The Tavern menu can be viewed here.

For the convenience of school groups and groups of adults, the castle chef has developed a smorgasbord of offers for delicious meals. Please book in advance.

Viduslaiku mielasts Jaunpils pils Krogā The tavern has a long standing reputation for its medieval banquets, which consist of not just a meal, but also a genuine adventure enjoyed amongst friends, family and colleagues in a medieval atmosphere. It is particularly appreciated by both Latvian and foreign groups. The meal is exceptional– it can be eaten with either a wooden spoons or hands.

Everyone has the opportunity to choose the most appropriate menu for their medieval feast: the Baron’s, the Monk’s, or the Little Monk’s menu. To prepare the meals according to their ancient recipes, the medieval feasts must be ordered at least one day in advance!

Medieval feast menus can be viewed here.

For holidays and celebrations

Viduslaiku mielasts Jaunpils pils Krogā For the pleasure of the guests’ taste buds during celebrations and events, the household of the castle has prepared a variety of celebratory banquet menus: called the Baron’s, Baroness’s, Eliza’s, the Rich, Country Style and the Festive menu. In addition to these feasts the head chef is able to put together a special festive menu in accordance with any client’s wishes regarding the scale and theme of the event.

According to the chosen thematic evening, the set-up of the hall and tables can be medieval in style - candlelit, with linen tablecloths and clay crockery, or contemporary - with classically laid tables.


Jaunpils pils Krogs izbraukumā During the Baron's absence, the household of the castle are permitted to leave the castle premises and take care of guests elsewhere at weddings, celebrations and other events. Every year the Jaunpils medieval tavern folk travel to the Tukuma Rose Festival and Dobele city festival.

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Medieval pub
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