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Jaunpils castle is unique due to the personalities that reside within it, who take care of planning for the evening events and entertaining the participants. Among them: Samson the Superintendent of the Devil's servants, the innkeepers, and Munchausen, a storyteller with a rich imagination with his sweetheart Jacobine. The castle Monk - Brother Theodore, a Servant girl and Minezinger eagerly await the guests to arrange the festivities within the castle halls. The clients just have to pick which character they prefer for their feast, or ball.

Medieval ages in Jaunpils Castle

The castle Monk - Brother Theodore, with his Servant girl and Minezinger, greet the ancient knights castle visitors by the Great Castle Guard tower. They accompany them on a theatrical tour, “the Monk's stories". To enhance the medieval ambience, the monk and the maid are happy to dress the guests in medieval attire. In honour of the castle visitors and the new courtiers, the old Swedish cannon is fired.

To satisfy appetites, the Medieval Tavern offers a gratifying Medieval, Monk’s or a Baron’s Supper. The program can be supplemented with the acapella singing of the "Vocalica" ensemble, ancient dances and other medieval activities.

Viesu sagaidīšana pils pagalmā Ēdieni Jaunpils pils krodziņā 300 gadu piedzīvojušais Zviedru lielgabals un mūks pie tā


Medieval feasts at the Jaunpils Castle

Upon opening the castle courtyard gates, guests enter a medieval idyll, offering a medieval city view: small monks rushing around, a flower girl offering flowers, soup cooking on the fireplace, and the smell of mulled wine in the air. Medieval music starts playing and the Castle’s Monk arrives! Along with his Servant Girl, he goes on to entertain the guests with his stories. During the feast the knight, who assists in consecrating the young knights - awarding knighthood and the title of lovely lady - joins the Monk and Servant girl. Guests can participate in medieval activities and trials. A cannon is fired in honour of the holiday.

The feast is celebrated in medieval style candlelit rooms, with clay tableware. The castle chef will take care of the appropriately themed menu.

For the guests to fully enjoy the medieval ambience, the household of the castle offers the chance to dress up in medieval clothing and become true medieval courtiers, learning the ancient dance steps and listening to the acapella singing ensemble "Vocalica".

Pils zupa milzu katlā tiek vārīta ārā Lūgsna pirms pusdienām Lielais dzīru galds pagalmā


The Lively Ball of the Devil's Servants

For a fun and mischievous evening mood, the household of the Castle has arranged a lively ball of the Devil’s servants, led by the innkeepers, and likely to be attended by Superintendent Samson. During the ball, 3 dashing Devil's servants are found among the guests, who are then entrusted with the company's / organisation's key. Sword fights, love games, a gypsy’s and innkeeper’s dance, a great eating tournament and New Riga dancing throughout the ball. In honour of the new Devil's servants, and all the other guests –the castle cannon is fired.

The feast may be celebrated in a medieval or contemporary style. The Chef of the castle will take care of the guests’ culinary delights, offering a variety of celebratory menus- The Devil's Servants and the Devil's Servants- demonesque.

Galdi izvietoti skujiņā Uzvedums pilī Galdi lielajā zālē izvietoti U- veidā


Munchausen's Ball of True Lies

Munchausen, a storyteller with a rich imagination, and his beloved Jacobine invite guests to the Ball of true lies, where guests are treated to sandwiches upon arrival. Attractions and musical dances with Munchausen and Jacobine, along with adventure stories performed by sire von Munchausen take place throughout the ball, which concludes in a collective oath to the truth.

Munchausen's feast may be celebrated in either a medieval or contemporary style. The Castle Chef, in honour of the sire, offers Munchausen’s feast.

Teātra uzvedums Apaļi banketu galdi lielajā zālē Servēta zivs


All thematic programs can be supplemented with further services that will make the event even more vibrant:
Admonition at the Monk’s cell
Medieval costume rental, and more
The forging of lucky coins
Medieval entertainment

For more information about offers and rates, request by email: info@jaunpilspils.lv, or phone: 26101458.

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